The holy shrine of Lady Fatimah Masoumah (Peace be upon her) announces its readiness to receive your cash and non-cash gifts and donations for the following issues and areas:

۱- Quranic activities of the holy shrine
۲- Construction and development of the shrine
۳- Production and distribution of cultural products
۴- Installations for cooling, heating and lighting the holy shrine
۵- Cultural ceremonies and activities (celebrations and mourning sessions)
۶- Carpets of the holy shrine
۷- Food for the holy shrine’s pilgrims
۸- Iftar and Sohoor for the month of Ramadan
۹- Other cases and issues defined and declared by the donor.

All donation Offices in the holy shrine receive the cash for the sacrifice (Qurbani), Aqiqah, Sadaqah (alms) and redress of injustices (Raddi Mazalim)

Qurbani and Aqiqah are one of the common donations by Iraninan. After taking the living animal from the respected pilgrims and donors, it will be sacrificed taking into consideration all the Shar’i conditions and will be given to the banquet house of the holy shrine to be used in the blessed food.

If you deposit funds for charity, redress of injustices or votive Aqiqah please inform the holy shrine’s donation office about the amount, date, ID and tracking number of deposit, and the account number